A large number of HDR candidates plan a future career in academia and, in fact, may already be engaged in tutoring during their candidature. But the reality of an academic career generally involves a large teaching load.  Is teaching really for you?  And how does teaching differ from tutoring?  This session provides an introduction to the practicalities of teaching and learning in higher education.

About the Presenter

Dr Deanne Gannaway is an experienced educator who has taught in schools, colleges and universities in both Australia and South Africa. She currently conducts professional development workshops for academics and is regularly invited to speak and facilitate workshops, seminars and presentations across Australasia and the United Kingdom. 

Dr Gannaway was recently awarded an Australian Learning and Teaching Fellowship.  She is also regularly commissioned to act as the external evaluator on large scale national externally funded projects and fellowships.

May be eligible for CDSE.

About University teaching

As student experience becomes a larger focus at universities, the value of high quality teaching among academics has increased. To pursue an academic career the importance of understanding pedagogy and having practical teaching experience should not be underestimated. 

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