Tutors@UQ is a University-wide program for NEW tutors and casual academic sessional staff, which focuses on introducing tutors to the teaching and learning environment at the University of Queensland.

What do we mean by ‘tutor’?

We use the word ‘tutor’ broadly, as an inclusive term encompassing the diversity of learning environments in which UQ tutors might find themselves. Tutors lead classes, tutorials, workshops, labs, practical sessions, problem based learning, drop-in sessions, peer assisted study sessions and groups online. Tutor refers to demonstrators, problem-based learning (PBL) leaders and clinical supervisors, as well as tutors of small and large group tutorials.

How is the Tutors@UQ program structured?

The Tutors@UQ program is designed for NEW tutors from any discipline, although the sessions are facilitated at the faculty level, allowing for discipline specific examples and contextualisation as appropriate. The program is structured around three face-to-face sessions for a total of five hours of contact time.

Session 1: Two hours prior to start of semester
Session 2: Two hours prior to start of semester
Session 3: One hour follow-up session during semester

The sessions utilise the principles of active learning, allowing new tutors the opportunity to engage in small group activities while also watching the facilitator model effective small group learning strategies. The Tutors@UQ program is organised around modules, each of which is aimed at answering a broad question (e.g. How do we tutor for learning?). Each module has a set of clear 'Learning Objectives' (e.g. Identify characteristics of supportive and engaging tutorial classes), which are aligned to specific 'Learning Activities' (e.g. respond to case studies).

About University teaching

As student experience becomes a larger focus at universities, the value of high quality teaching among academics has increased. To pursue an academic career the importance of understanding pedagogy and having practical teaching experience should not be underestimated. 

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