The Candidate Development Award is an award focusing on the broader development skills of HDR students – skills which are transferrable, cross-disciplinary, and professional. The focus is on skills which will enhance employment opportunities after the degree.

The information session will give you an overview of the application process and documentation required. Some general information will also be provided on how to make your application as competitive as possible.

Before attending the session, it may be useful to peruse the CDA website and bring along your questions to the session.

About Candidature management

Undertaking a research degree is a huge commitment and requires many skills. Gaining an understanding of these techniques and strategies early, will assist you to complete and submit your thesis efficiently. 

Useful links

  • Short excerpt on PhD Survival 
  • The PhD Survival video : Doing a PhD is meant to be challenging, and most doctoral students feel overwhelmed by the task at times. But many find that their work - and their lives - are compromised by feelings of loneliness, inadequacy or anxiety. The consequences can be abandoned PhDs, disrupted careers and damaged mental health.


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