This two day workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the policy landscape including:

  • policy-making processes
  • how research is used in that process
  • pathways to policy impact 
  • international perspectives
  • media matters
  • strategies for engagement

The workshop is faciliated by the Director of the Centre for Policy Futures, Professor Karen Hussey.  She is joined by a number of other panellists and presenters.  You will have an opportunity to network with some of these presenters during the networking lunch on the 4th.   

Please note:  It is expected that you will be available to attend both days of this workhop. 




About Impact & influence

Your research may have the potential to impact both policy and practice and influence the broader community in a number of ways. Knowing how and where to communicate your research, and understanding how to do so ethically and responsibly, will ensure your research makes an impact. 

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