Communicating your research in the media introduces HDR students to the media. It explains how the media operates, what journalists expect and how researchers can develop good relationships with the media. It provides participants with theory and practice to help them harness media opportunities to communicate their research, promote their work and have an impact.  

This course will enable participants to: 

1. Understand how the media operates 
2. Frame communications and messages to suit media requirements 
3. Understand how to make the most of media opportunities to promote their work.

Note: This session is limited to 12 participants. 

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May be eligible for CDSE.

About Communication

Learning to communicate effectively is critical to your ability to transfer your knowledge and research, build relationships, and gain employment. As you progress in your career these skills will become more important. The ability to master verbal, non-verbal, interpersonal, and written comunication will allow you to communicate with clarity and influence. ‘Effective communication’ also appears in almost every job advertisement as a skill required by employers. 

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