Susan Pearse from Mind Gardener will run a practical workshop, sharing simple tools and techniques that anyone can use to stay focused, overcome distractions, and regain a sense of control in a busy life. You’ll learn how to tame a busy mind, make wise choices about what gets your attention, and care for this precious but limited resource. Boost your productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring moments of true clarity and connection back to your life.

Students said: "It was valuable to get strategies I could apply straight away" and "There were some good tactics to help me stay focussed". 

May be eligible for CDSE.

About Candidature management

Undertaking a research degree is a huge commitment and requires many skills. Gaining an understanding of these techniques and strategies early, will assist you to complete and submit your thesis efficiently. 

Useful links

  • Short excerpt on PhD Survival 
  • The PhD Survival video : Doing a PhD is meant to be challenging, and most doctoral students feel overwhelmed by the task at times. But many find that their work - and their lives - are compromised by feelings of loneliness, inadequacy or anxiety. The consequences can be abandoned PhDs, disrupted careers and damaged mental health.