This practical workshop will share simple tools and techniques that anyone can use to stay focused, overcome distractions, and regain a sense of control in a busy life. You’ll learn how to tame a busy mind, make wise choices about what gets your attention, and care for this precious but limited resource. Boost your productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and bring moments of true clarity and connection back to your life.

Students said: "It was valuable to get strategies I could apply straight away" and "There were some good tactics to help me stay focussed". 

About the presenter

Susan Pearse is a three times best selling author and leadership expert who is passionate about Conscious Leadership, thinking differently and creating impact by paying attention to what matters most. For two decades Susan has introduced her brain techniques into businesses, nationally and internationally, and helped them achieve high performance. More information can be found at

May be eligible for CDS.

About Candidature management

Undertaking a research degree is a huge commitment and requires many skills. Gaining an understanding of these techniques and strategies early, will assist you to complete and submit your thesis efficiently. 

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