At the online session, you will meet our HDR Placements Coordinator and hear from the HDR students who have successfully completed the HDR Placements in the past. 

Undertaking a placement can enhance your career options and assist you in developing your skills in planning, strategy, communication, and leadership. You will learn how to apply the skills you have gained as part of your research studies in the workplace, and establish new industry networks and strengthen your employment opportunities post-HDR.

This is your chance to find all the tips and information on:

  • Overview of the placement program 
  • Benefits of completing HDR Placement Program
  • Tips from HDR students
  • How to source and organise a successful HDR Placement

About HDR Week

Celebrating the contribution our HDRs make to UQ and beyond.

Our HDR Candidates are an important part the University of Queensland and their experience and success relies on many parts of the university supporting their training and development as researchers. HDR Week is a chance to celebrate our HDR candidates by providing them with a number of networking, as well as social activities to recognise the hardwork they put into their HDR journey and the important contribution they make to our university community. 

The decision has been made to move all HDR Week events to an online format. This means that all events that were previously promoted as in-person will now be virtual.