Do you LOVE puppies? US TOO!

To celebrate HDR Week, APS is hosting a meet and greet with the puppies from Animal Welfare League Qld.
Bring your eager self and your patting hands, and get ready to meet some gorgeous furriends.

All students are welcome, with priority entries to postgrad and HDR UQ students.

Gold coin entry, all proceeds will be donated to AWLQ.

*APS not responsible for for all cost incurred from impulse adoption of puppies.

** Please consult your local government areas for maximum puppies allowed at your residence.

About HDR Week

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the UQ Graduate School! Over the years, the contribution our HDRs have made to UQ and beyond have been substantial..

HDR Candidates play an important role within The University of Queensland. HDR Week is a chance to celebrate our HDR candidates and thank them for their contribution. The week includes networking events, and social activities to recognise the hardwork they put into their HDR journey and the important contribution they make to our university community. In 2022, we will celebrate HDR Week from 21-25 November.

We need your help in planning events for 2022! What events are you excited to run that would be perfect for HDR candidates? What are you planning to celebrate? Let us know, and we will highlight it in our promotions!