"The act of undertaking a doctorate is a good training ground for the development of enterprise.  Research by its nature requires creativity, determination and problem solving.  These skills are likely to be useful wherever a researcher's career journey takes them".  (Dr Max Robinson, "What do researchers do?" Career Profiles of doctoral entrepreneurs, Vitae 2010)

This workshop provides an insight into the world of the entrepreneur.  The session is an introductory session which is designed to give you insights into what it means to be an entrepreneur and the career possibilities and path that entrepreneurs might follow.  It will provide an opportunity for you to consider  whether this pathway is for you and if so, how to translate your own unique skill-set as a researcher into a set of potential business opportunities, or build a business utilising your research and its outputs.  

You will be introduced to the following: 
1.    developing an entrepreneurial mindset;
2.    the value creation process as the central building block to a business;
3.    opportunity identification and evaluations;  and
4.    feasibility testing and business model development.

May be eligible for CDSE.
This session is designed for students who have limited experience in entrepreneurship and 'start-ups' but are interested in pursuing this career path,  or those who have a great idea but are unsure of what to do with it.


About Entrepreneurship

We are now entering a new era where there is demand for commercial returns of publicly funded research: research that is transformational, innovative and solution-focused. It is important for any researcher to understand the possibilities and processes that connect research outcomes to the generation of commercial intellectual property and the varied strategies for turning this commercial IP into new products, processes and services. UQ works actively in the entrepreneurship space with UQ pre-incubator Idea-hub, start up accellerator ilab, and UQ's commercialisation arm, Uniquest

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