Carrying out scholarly research presents a lot of challenges. Further to this, publishing research results is not only challenging, but also crucial for reputation building, career progression and preserving the record of findings. Hence, publishing is a critical next step beyond the completion of your research project.  

This step raises many important considerations: “What are the best publishing options that fit your work? What will maximise your work’s scholarly impact? How do you ensure that your publications are attributed to you only? Is there any way to have a rewarding publishing experience? What could facilitate your publications’ performance?”

Come along to the UQ Library’s Strategic Scholarly Publishing Program to explore your range of options. The full program consists of five scaffolded workshops from 19 to 23 August, and repeated from 4 to 8 November.

Register for the five sessions below.

  1. Strategic Scholarly Publishing Program – THINK
  2. Strategic Scholarly Publishing Program – CHECK
  3. Strategic Scholarly Publishing Program – SUBMIT
  4. Strategic Scholarly Publishing Program – PROMOTE
  5. Strategic Scholarly Publishing Program – TRACK

About Publishing and authorship

Producing and promoting publications is an essential part of being a researcher and communicating new knowledge generated from your research. Knowing how and where to get published, understanding the publication process and being aware of authorship protocols will be critical to your success in this area. 

Useful links


If English is not your first language, there are many resources to help with professional editing of research papers, reports, book chapters or PhD theses. Many of the major journal websites include links to services. Note that there is a cost to using these services.