You can find your own placement opportunity and work with us to ensure it meets UQ Graduate School placement guidelines. 

It is important to plan ahead as it can take several months to ensure all administrative requirements are fulfilled once a placement location has been found. You should start preparing as early as possible, and at least three months prior to your thesis review milestone. 

Information sessions are held regularly. Register to attend a session to find out more about the process of organising a placement.

Discuss the placement with your principal advisor as you will need their support in order to undertake a placement. Your principal advisor  may be able to make some introductions to organisations on your behalf. Make sure you talk to the Graduate School to ensure you understand the process before you or your advisor approach an organisation.

Make sure your advisor understands that the purpose of HDR placements is to develop transferable skills, and therefore may not be directly related to your thesis topic. We can meet with you and your advisor together to discuss how a placement could work for you and your situation. 

You should discuss how you will comfortably manage the workload of a placement alongside your candidature. You can consider undertaking the placement part-time, or planning for a point in candidature when you have more time available. You can undertake a placement any time after your confirmation milestone, including after the submission of your thesis, but you should organise the placement well in advance.


Put together a list of organisations where you would like to undertake a placement. The organisations should

  • be medium or large, reputable industry organisations;
  • not be academic institutions; and
  • be able to offer an immersive experience and adequate supervision while you undertake meaningful work.

Once you have identified preferred organisations, develop a placement project proposal that you can discuss with the Graduate School Placement Coordinator. You should also make sure that your academic CV is up to date.