Funding for student events

The Graduate School is committed to supporting HDR candidates in a wide range of career development activities. This scheme provides funding for student-led events that aim to benefit UQ HDR candidates. Funding can be used for expenses such as catering, keynote speaker fees, and venue hire. This scheme is competitive and requests for support under the scheme will be assessed by a Graduate School committee on the basis of merit.

Applications will be considered in one round per year:

  • Applications open Wednesday 28 February
  • Applications close Sunday 25 March
  • Outcomes announced Friday 2 April

If funds remain available after the round, further applications can be submitted until the funding is exhaused for the year. Contact the Graduate School for more information.


Applicants must be active UQ HDR candidates. Only event committees may apply, with a nominated representative for the purposes of the application.

The event must be student-led and the conference organising committee must be comprised solely of UQ HDR Candidates.

Applications will be judged on

  • The completeness of the application, including funding contributions already secured;
  • The objectives of the event; and
  • The extent to which the proposed activity involves and benefits a broad range of UQ HDR candidates by
    • engagement with representatives from a diverse range of AOUs (Schools/Institutes/Faculties);
    • inclusion of industry or other external partners; and/or
    • HDR candidate involvement in organising the event.

Funding is not available to support individual student registrations for events or activities.


Amounts will vary depending on the size and scope of the event, availability of other funding, and benefit to UQ HDR candidates. No more than $2,000 will be awarded.

Each application is considered on a case by case basis. Large events will be expected to seek multiple avenues of support.


  • Grant applications without requested supporting documentation will not be accepted.
  • Graduate School funds cannot be used to fund alcohol consumption, or alcoholic gifts.
  • UQ’s policies on finance should be adhered to for the portion of the funds supplied by UQ Graduate School.
  • Recipients must complete a report on the conference within 4 weeks of the event date. This should include a reconciled budget, programs, other marketing materials and photos from the event.
  • Failure to comply with the terms of the offer of support may result in a requirement for the committee members listed on the application to repay the allocated funding.
  • Any changes to event scope/program require approval from the Graduate School, or funds may need to be repaid.
  • UQ Graduate School should receive an invitation to the event, in some instances participation may be a condition of the funds. This will be specified in any offer letter.
  • Events should not receive administrative support from organisational units, they must be student led.
  • Milestone presentation events will not be supported.

How to apply

Submit the following documents to

  • Application form (includes event budget)  - will be available late February
  • A letter of support from Head of School/Institute Director, Postgraduate Coordinator or ADR
  • Conference program