Undertake a feasibility project of a proposed new retail outlet. You will demonstrate your transferable skills and gain corporate experience working within the UQ Library Corporate Services office with supervision provided to you by the Director. Gain an understanding of the UQ Library workplace and culture, and make recommendations based on findings of research, surveys and costings of this proposal.

Project scope

  • Surveying stakeholders to determine attitudes and expectations with respect to cost and range of merchandise
  • Seeking a range of quotes for proposed merchandise
  • Reviewing competitors and learning about existing similar concepts in the Brisbane area.
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Strategising a launch event


Deliver a report making recommendations on the feasibility of establishing a cost-neutral library retail space. Recommendations should include suggested range of merchandise that will appeal to potential purchasers, range of costs, profit margin, hours of operation, how to source suitable products, and management of the service.


This placement will be 30 to 40 days in duration, either full-time or part-time by negotiation. The deadline for completion of the project is December 2017.

Financial support

On successful completion of this Placement, the successful candidate will be entitled to $3,000 Industry Experience Award payment, subject to the award Terms and Conditions.

Holders of UQ-administered scholarships will also be credited with 15 points towards the Career Development Scholarship Extension.


The successful candidate will meet the following selection criteria.

  • Demonstrated experience planning, co-ordinating and carrying out projects.
  • Proven ability to work to timelines, milestones and meet critical deadlines in a professional environment.
  • Effective communication with a range of stakeholders and ability to build and maintain positive relationships within a professional environment.
  • Ability to work within a professional environment and contribute positively to team dynamics.
  • Experience applying analytical/evaluation skills to a problem to achieve a desirable outcome for an organisation/project.
  • Demonstrated capacity to synthesise high level research into a plain language report format.

Desirable skills

  • Business analysis, entrepreneurial and marketing skills would be an advantage.

Please note to undertake a placement, candidates must be on track, past the confirmation milestone, enrolled throughout the placement duration, with approval of their advisory team.

How to apply

You will need the following documents:

Expressions of interest close at 5pm on Wednesday 4 October.

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