Create an online CV or profile

HDR candidates at UQ are able to create an online profile or CV using the Chalk&Wire ePortfolio platform. This has many potential uses and benefits including

  • quick and easy creation and sharing of your CV
  • quick and easy creation of CV 'versions' for different purposes
  • the ability to create a landing page for your data collection and/or survey link
  • the ability to create a profile page that you can share when submitting, for example, abstracts for conferences
  • unlimited storage (please note individual files are limited to 500MB)
  • infintely customisable and easy to update - no need to ask staff members to do it for you
  • includes the UQ logo and branding
  • can be exported to PDF or as an entire webpage (HTML)
  • can be accessed for five years after you graduate


We have created HDR-specific instructions to guide you through the process to set up a master CV and then use this to create custom versions quickly and easily. These instructions will show you how to

  • create a master CV
  • create custom versions of your CV from your master CV
  • create a landing page with or without elements of your CV

Get started (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Guides and support

The Library has an exhaustive list of guides for ePortfolio ranging from getting started to compressing videos for upload. Support is available through the Library as well.

If you'd like to use the UQ branded gradient as your header image, download it (JPG, 14 KB) then upload it to Work/File Library. You will then be able to add it to your header.