The Graduate School is your gateway into a wide range of career-enhancing experiences. Before undertaking any of these, you will need to consider how these experiences can add the most value to your HDR, and when they would be most beneficial to you. 

Experiences provide you with an opportunity to consolidate and practice your learnings from various lectures, seminars and workshops.  They require you to draw on a combination of skills from the research, professional and transferable areas to achieve defined outcomes. 

Aside from the specific experiences listed below, there are opportunities to engage in self-sourced development experiences with the help of funding from the Candidate Development Award (CDA). A Career Development Scholarship Extension is also available to enable the completion of development activities that build the transferable and professional skills of PhD candidates. An experience can help you to refine your skills and ultimately enhance your research studies and your career options.

Placements for research candidates
Gain experience in current practice and develop networks while demonstrating and strengthening your transferable, professional and research skills.
Entrepreneurship with Idea Hub & ilab
UQ supports students to implement ideas at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey. Idea Hub provides an introduction and ilab will take your ideas further.
Research candidate mobility
The University of Queensland provides opportunities for research students to participate in international research collaborations.
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Develop your knowledge and skills to advance your future teaching careers, and receive a GTA certificate. This program runs for six months, March - Sept.
Wonder of Science: Young Science Ambassadors
Young Science Ambassadors work with students on their challenge tasks and support them with the development of their science projects.
Participation in the 3MT competition
As a competitor, you'll learn to effectively explain your research in three minutes, in non-specialist language with only one PowerPoint slide.
Graduate Digital Research Fellowship
This year-long program prepares research students for academic or non-academic careers in digital scholarship and digital research methods.