Placement stories

  • It was a great opportunity to apply some of what you learn as an HDR candidate in finding solutions to social problems.
  • The HDR Placement Program is a great opportunity to showcase our research and project management skills in diverse work situations.
  • It showed me how my research skills can be applied in a different context and built confidence in my professional and transferrable skills.
  • For international students, I believe a Placement can be a great opportunity to learn about the Australian organisational culture, and expand on professional experience and networking.
  • Professionally, I have grown by stretching myself to research a field that I had little prior knowledge of.
  • Manage your time well at the beginning to allow you to take opportunities that may arise.
  • A placement is an unbelievable opportunity to get a feel for the direction you would like your career to take.
  • I learned a lot while investing little time, which is key to consider when having full-time PhD projects running at the same time.
  • During my first year, I worked on getting a strong theoretical background. Then my supervisors pushed me to also get some practical experience.