The Graduate School Career Development Framework facilitates industry experiences, as Placements, to allow you to experience current practice and develop networks while demonstrating and strengthening your transferable, professional and research skills.

1. How to arrange a placement

To undertake a Placement you just need to be an enrolled HDR candidate at UQ, and work with the Graduate School to coordinate your placement. Your placement should

  • be within an Industry, NGO or Government organisation;
  • be independent of your thesis; and
  • develop your transferable and professional skills.

If you are considering undertaking an HDR Placement during your candidature it is important to be proactive and plan ahead. We recommend allowing 2-3 months from when you submit your project brief to when you plan on commencing your placement. Read through the guidelines and attend a Placements Information Session, so that you understand the obligations of a Placement. Placements cannot be taken while on interruption. 

Placement Information Sessions

2024 Dates (All Sessions are held via Zoom)

Think about your placement

Attending an information session will give you an overview of the Placement program, projects, and the approach required to secure an approved Placement.  

Once you have attended a Placement information session and have decided to pursue the option of undertaking a Placement, contact the Graduate School to discuss your proposed activity and the next steps and request the resources required to start your approach.

Organise your placement

  • Look for an industry partner that you are interested in engaging with.  (In some cases, your principal advisor may be able to make some introductions to organisations on your behalf.)
  • Check whether that partner already has an industry placement agreement in place (if not, an agreement will need to be established prior to you commencing your placement. This may take some time. The agreement is separate to the project brief).
  • Have a discussion/pitch an idea to that industry partner
  • Complete a project brief template (DOCX, 92.8 KB) with your industry partner
Consider the length of your placement if you are seeking a PhD Industry Placement scholarship or award, to ensure you meet the criteria. 
Remember that to be eligible for the PhD Industry Placement scholarship or award, an approved placement project brief must be in place before the end of your first 18 month of candidature. The placement must be undertaken with the company outlined in this project brief to maintain eligibility.
You should also be mindful if considering a placement overseas that sometimes organisations elsewhere will not hold the same insurance levels as Australian organisations, and are unlikely to sign the UQ Placement agreement. There may also be right to work and visa complexities. Please leave plenty of time in case an alternative needs to be found. 

Seek approval for your placement

  • Submit your project brief as an attachment with the Principal Advisor approval for HDR placement my.UQ request.
  • Graduate School will review your project brief and contact you if changes are required. 
  • Once the brief is endorsed the Graduate School will arrange a formal HDR placement agreement with your host organisation, if one does not yet exist.
  • You will be provided with a formal offer to commence your placement.
  • Accept your offer and prepare to commence your placement.
Remember to be eligible for the placement scholarship or award you need to have registered your intent by completing  this step within the first 18 months of candidature (FTE).

Commence your placement

  • Commence on the agreed start date
  • Keep in touch with the Graduate School who will check in to make sure things are going smoothly.
If you are unwell or cannot start on the agreed start date let the Graduate School know and we can work with you and your host on any changes required.

Complete your placement

  • Complete the final report for assessment, your host will also complete a confidential final report
  • Your final passing grade will be recorded on your student transcript
  • Continue your professional development by
    • Booking a meeting with the HDR Careers Advisor
    • Taking part in the mentoring program
    • Participating in Career Development Framework workshops