The Graduate School Career Development Framework facilitates industry experiences, as Placements, to allow you to experience current practice and develop networks while demonstrating and strengthening your transferable, professional and research skills.

3. Past Host organisations

The HDR placements program has had many organisations participate in hosting HDR candidates over the past few years. Below is a selection of organisations who have successfully partnered with our candidates and is not an exhaustive list.

You do not have to choose an organisation from this list. It is merely to give you an idea of the options that may be available to you.

Overarching standard agreements

This list includes hosts companies with overarching standard agreements, which facilitates the placement process:

Host organisations

Host Organisation / Provider


Australian Council for Educational Research

Not-for-profit research organisation where creates and promote research-based knowledge, products and services that can be used to improve learning across the lifespan.

Brisbane City Council - Gabba Ward Office

The Gabba Ward Office is the office of the Councillor for the Gabba Ward, Jonathan Sri. The Gabba Ward comprises the suburbs of Kangaroo Point, Dutton Park, West End, Highgate Hill, South Brisbane and the western side of Woolloongabba.

Children’s Health Queensland (CHQ)  

The Arts in Health Program at the Queensland Children’s Hospital (QCH) provides access to visual arts, interactive creative events, and performances in music, theatre and dance for children and their families during their stay and visits to the hospital and for staff.

CSL Innovation Pty Ltd

Is one of the largest and fastest-growing protein-based biotechnology businesses and a leading provider of in-licensed vaccines, focus on rare and serious diseases and influenza vaccines.

Department of Resources (Geological Survey of Queensland)

GSQ collects and provides geoscience data, information and advice about Queensland's mineral and energy resources and resource potential. GSQ does this through a range of geoscience projects and initiatives, including mandatory industry reporting.

Frontline Yoga Incorporated

Is a non-governmental organization that provides yoga programs specifically for first responders, emergency service members and military veterans. Classes provided are trauma aware and culturally informed to assist with maintaining resilience, strength and connection.


GenomiQa offers whole genome analysis and clinical reports that aim to provide genetic knowledge to clinicians to better predict disease development and tailor treatment to patients.

Graphics et al

Graphics et al. is a visual communication tool for STEM, it allows users to easily create scientifically accurate images and animations in minutes.

Health and Wellbeing Queensland

Health and Wellbeing Queensland was established in July 2019 to improve the health and wellbeing of all Queenslanders and reduce health inequities.


Is an ethical, socially conscious and environmentally focused property developer, sustainability consulting practice and work share provider.

Hopkins Centre

The Centre focuses on interdisciplinary applied research that examines rehabilitation practices, disability services and social support systems.


Howden is a global engineering company, manufacturing industrial equipment for air and gas handling in a range of industries.

Incitec Pivot Limited

Is an Australian multinational corporation that produce and export a wide range of explosives, industrial chemicals and fertilisers to service the resources and agriculture sectors.

Microba Life Sciences

Microba is making new advancements using the gut microbiome through precision microbiome science.

Monty Compost Co

Is a Brisbane-based technology startup dedicated to enabling sustainability through recycling organic and food waste back into the environment.

Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur

The Chief Entrepreneur is the flag-bearer for innovation and entrepreneurship in Queensland. From helping founders take their first steps to get their business off the ground, to working with government and industry to identify valuable problems that can be solved with innovation, to connecting talent to companies and creating a supportive environment.

Suncorp Bank (Suncorp Metway)

Suncorp bank is part of the Suncorp Group offering financial services for over 100 years

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is Australia’s oldest living scientific institution, encompasses 30 hectares and is the oldest botanic garden in Australia, home to an outstanding collection of more than 27,000 plants from around the world. The Australian Institute of Botanical Science will focus on providing solutions to issues such as food security and climate change, as well as providing jobs and educational opportunities.


Is Biotechnology company who is developing needle-free patches vaccines

Women Help Women (MAMA Network)

Women Help Women (WHW) is an international activist non-profit organisation that works on access to abortion. The MAMA Network represents a regional movement of activists working to share evidence-based and stigma-free information about self-managed medical abortion and sexual and reproductive health and rights directly with women on community level.

Non-standard overarching agreements

This list includes hosts companies with NON-standard overarching agreements, where the intellectual property (IP) sits with the company, which facilitates the placement process:

Host organisations

Host Organisation / Provider


Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG_Parks Australia)

The Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG) is the nation’s largest living collection of Australian native plants. The ANBG mission is the conservation and management of living and non-living plant collections, and promoting research, training and education of plant species diversity.

Department of Environment and Science

DES is the state government department responsible for the protection and management of QLD's natural environment.


Interlate is a data business which transforms the mining sector by creating predictable outcomes, reducing operating risk and increasing competitiveness.

Queensland Urban Utilities

Urban Utilities is responsible for the delivery of retail water supply and wastewater services in South East Queensland

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Patheon)

Contract Manufacturer of Biological drug and Drug products

Vale Life Science

Company dedicated to providing unique and innovative technologies for use in medical and drug discovery research.

VALD Limited

Company dedicated to developing systems and technology for human movement, performance, injury risk and rehabilitation.


WWF partners with governments, businesses, communities and individuals to address a range of pressing environmental issues. Our work is founded on science, our reach is international, and our mission is exact – to create a world where people live and prosper in harmony with nature.

Individual agreements

This list includes hosts organisations which have hosted a student in the past with an individual placement agreement, so arranging a placement for a new student may take a little longer:

Host organisations

Host Organisation / Provider


Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is the largest private owner and manager of land for conservation in Australia, protecting endangered wildlife across more than 6.5 million hectares throughout the country.

Cardia Bioplastics Australia

Cardia Bioplastics is a global developer, manufacturer and marketer of sustainable resins derived from renewable resources.


CSIRO is Australia's national science research agency.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, QLD Government

DAF is a section of the QLD government in charge of the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors.

Herston Biofabrication Institute (HBI)

Part of QLD Health, Institute dedicated to advancing knowledge and technology in 3D scanning, 3D modelling and 3D printing of medical devices, bone, cartilage and human tissue.

Logan City Council

Government organisation offering community services and facilities to residents.


Not-for-profit company dedicated to research mental health disorders

Powerlink Queensland

Australian provider of high voltage electricity transmission network services.

QLD Health

Queensland Health is the QLD Government's public health department.

Skyborne Technologies

Company dedicated to developing smart aerial robotics for their defence customers. Its mission is to develop and produce high-quality robotic defence products and software

State Library of Queensland

The State Library of Queensland is the leading reference and research library in Queensland.

The Nature Conservancy

Is an organization working in California and around the world to protect ecologically important land and water for nature and people