UQ's international research mobility programs support and enhance your HDR by helping you to develop networks. International mobility ensures a circulation of skills and ideas and exposes you to new research perspectives. 

Terms and conditions for all HDR travel

While travel as part of your HDR program is not classed formally ‘University Business’ you should still adhere the UQ Travel Policy. To guide you through this please follow the UQ 6 steps to travel, in particular the approvals for domestic and international travel.

As you go through the 6 steps to travel keep in mind that you will be travelling as a student, and therefore there are some differences, as outlined below.

  • Planning travel
    • You will be covered by student insurance
    • You will not have the same provisions for dual purpose travel (refer to the student travel insurance conditions not the staff one). You can direct any questions about insurance to insurance@uq.edu.au
    • Ensure you seek advice from your advisor about appropriate health and safety requirements and any risk assessments that may be required.
    • You will need to register as a remote candidate for the period you are away from campus (this will reduce fees and ensure you receive appropriate communications related to remote candidates).
  • Booking travel
    • As an HDR candidate, use of FCM to arrange your travel is at your discretion, but it is recommended (see the exceptions section under booking travel).
  • Paying for travel
    • If you have received funds directly, you may not be required to use the UQ finance system to manage your travel. Each school and institute arrange this differently so speak to your local finance team to understand what is required in your area.
    • Fringe benefit tax (FBT) would normally not apply to travel related to your program as you are travelling as a student.


QUEX Joint PhD

Students currently enrolled in the QUEX Joint PhD Program can find information relating to the travel component of their scholarship at the link below.

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