Current UQ Graduate School administered scholarships provide a 3.5-year stipend (living allowance), subject to satisfactory progress towards thesis completion. This period has been considered sufficient to include any additional coursework that is required to prepare students to undertake their research studies.

The recent ACOLA review of research training in Australia emphasised the importance of producing graduate researchers equipped with broad skills and abilities for a variety of careers and recognised the value of industry placements. The report recommended that every HDR candidate who wishes to undertake a placement should be encouraged to do so.

The UQ Career Development Framework (CDF) provides development opportunities for students and extended experience opportunities (including industry placements) consistent with the Commonwealth’s industry engagement agenda. To facilitate PhD candidate career development and engagement with the CDF, UQ is offering the Career Development Scholarship  (CDS) – an optional, additional stipend extension of up to 6-months, to enable the completion of activities that build the transferable and professional skills of PhD candidates.

It follows that this stipend (living allowance) extension should be dependent on the fulfilment of broader career development activities and that undertaking a UQ Graduate School administered placement be an essential component of the activities undertaken.

The CDS, therefore, supports PhD candidates who have engaged in the UQ Graduate School Career Development Framework in a significant and sustained manner throughout candidature. It is expected that a candidate undertaking this Career Development Scholarship will complete all requirements of the PhD within 4 years, including undertaking an oral examination of their thesis. This means the thesis should be uploaded at least 3 months prior to the 4 year mark. This scholarship is available to any student who commenced prior to January 2022 and meets the critieria. 

*Applies to UQ scholarships only (see

If you commenced your program after January 2022, please refer to the placements information regarding other funding opportunities avaliable