By attending this workshop students will:

•Explore the three elements of resilience – self-care, self-compassion and stress management.

•Understand the importance of self-care and learn the basic necessities for balance and holistic wellness, as well as examples of self-care strategies.

•Learn how the power of the inner critic can be dispelled through the practice of self-compassion, and how to take a self-compassion break. 

Presented by Student Services.

About Candidature management

Undertaking a research degree is a huge commitment and requires many skills. Gaining an understanding of these techniques and strategies early, will assist you to complete and submit your thesis efficiently. 

Useful links

  • Short excerpt on PhD Survival 
  • The PhD Survival video : Doing a PhD is meant to be challenging, and most doctoral students feel overwhelmed by the task at times. But many find that their work - and their lives - are compromised by feelings of loneliness, inadequacy or anxiety. The consequences can be abandoned PhDs, disrupted careers and damaged mental health.