This is a ISSR course and places are highly limited as Graduate School is paying the fee. If you are unable to attend, please de-register (or email if you are unable to do so). An unexplained absence could result in all your future ISSR registrations becoming Waitlisted. You may only attend the workshop once. Repeat bookings will be removed and placed on the Waitlist.

This course introduces simple and multiple regression models that allow participants to understand and measure the relationship between variables in a data set. For example, is there a relationship between parental education and children’s educational outcomes? Is there a relationship between a company’s advertisement spending and its sales? How much of an impact did introducing a health program in the community have on members’ health outcomes?

This introductory course is for people keen on understanding the fundamentals of regression analysis. It is aimed at those with little to no previous experience with regression models. You may find the course too rudimentary if you completed a regression analysis subject in your undergraduate degree. However, you are most welcome to attend to refresh the basics.

About Statistics and modelling

If your research study employs quantitative or mixed methodologies, you would need to understand the nuts and bolts of statistics and modelling. The Graduate School works with different providers to provide a range of sessions covering descriptive and inferential statistics as well as modelling with esteemed providers such as ISSR and Student Services.

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