All researchers need the ability to speak publicly with impact and confidence, however these skills come naturally to very few. This interactive workshop will help you to speak publicly at conferences and 3MT or whenever you need to present your research in a persuasive and impactful manner. In this session, you will discover how to:

  • Craft a powerful script in less than 20 minutes
  • Replace fear with excitement
  • Calm your nerves
  • Expand your vocal range
  • Adjust your messaging to appeal to specific audiences 
  • Create and deliver a value proposition
  • Handle Q&A with confidence
  • Present a business case (pitch) with impact
  • Avoid PowerPoint mistakes

Feedback from 2021 participants include:

"This is one of the courses that even experienced presenters should attend as you realise how much you don't know."

"Barry was a great presenter - I was beyond pleased to have the opportunity to learn from him. I fear many people may have been discouraged to attend due to the long chunk of time the session takes. It was well-worth my time - I'm not sure how else to convey to students that their time is very well spent on this session!"

This course was formerly known as Advanced Presentation Skills.

About the presenter: Barry O'Sullivan of Sustainable Change was with KPMG for 34 years with KPMG, and spent 22 years as a partner. He has over 15 years of leadership coaching and delivering workshops.

May be eligible for CDS.

About Communication

Learning to communicate effectively is critical to your ability to transfer your knowledge and research, build relationships, and gain employment. As you progress in your career these skills will become more important. The ability to master verbal, non-verbal, interpersonal, and written communication will allow you to communicate with clarity and influence. ‘Effective communication’ also appears in almost every job advertisement as a skill required by employers. 

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