Professionals with the most successful careers have a clear sense of their future, yet are able to respond quickly to the opportunities that come their way. However, the rapid change in the global labour market has made the transition from study to employment increasingly complex. Using the Trevor-Roberts Career Design Canvas, this interactive workshop will help you to: 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of what is important in your career
  • Understand career as a process rather than a plan
  • Identify possible career directions
  • Set practical actions to move your career forward.

About the Presenter

Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts is the CEO of Trevor-Roberts. His journey has seen him work in the UK and Canada and he regularly delivers keynotes to a wide range of audiences in Australia and internationally. He is a regular writer on career issues and has co-authored several articles and book chapters on careers, culture and leadership in Australia. He consults to a range of organisations across various industries. Edwin also coaches a select group of Executive Leadership Teams and is a sought after facilitator. 

May be eligible for CDS.

About Career planning


Book an appointment with the Graduate School's HDR Careers Advisor

Many research students intend to follow an academic career path on completion of their degree. But what does an academic career really look like? And, if you knew what to expect, would you still wish to pursue that path?

Researchers work in all facets of government, industry, NGOs and universities. Understanding the diverse range of career options available will allow you to reflect on the 'fit' between academia and your own strengths and interests. 

It is important to start considering your options and plan for your post-HDR career during your studies so you are well prepared to transition to the workplace as a PhD or MPhil qualified individual. The Graduate School supports you in this process through the Career Development Framework (CDF) as well as with a dedicated HDR Careers Advisor who specialises in advising HDR candidates. The Careers Advisor is available for appointments to discuss career options, CV development, interview techniques and other career-related topics. These appointments are designed to complement the existing suite of career-related workshops which are already offered as part of the CDF.

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