Your CV is a living document, crafted to communicate with a particular audience at a particular point in time. But how do you decide what to include and how to format it? This session will consider the basic elements and factors you should take into account when preparing your CV and give you the opportunity to reflect on and work on your own CV (please bring a hard copy version with you to the session).

This workshop will:

  • Discuss general principles of good CV design
  • Outline some key differences between CVs intended for academic vs industry audiences
  • Provide you with resources for thinking about how to best structure and present your CV
  • Encourage you to think about and identify your skills and experiences for inclusion in your CV 
  • Discuss ways of keeping your CV updated

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • Identified the areas of your own CV that might need additional work
  • Worked with your peers to write your own Professional Summary statement
  • Made a plan for keeping your CV up-to-date

Target audience: This workshop is suitable for all HDR candidates, but will be most useful for those in the mid- to late-stages of candidature.

Requirements: Please bring to this session a hard-copy of your Curriculum Vitae (that you are willing for others in the session to see).

[This course was previously called Preparing Your Curriculum Vitae]

About the presenter

Dr Rachael Pitt is the HDR Careers Advisor in the Graduate School and has extensive experience in both academic and professional roles at Australian universities and has published on higher education, and doctoral employability and careers. She currently facilitates career development and employability workshops, coordinates UQ’s HDR Career Development Mentoring Program, and provides individual consultations for UQ’s HDR Candidates on career destinations and preparation, skill identification and communication, how to approach potential placement organisations, and job application processes and documentation. UQ HDR Candidates can make an appointment with Rachael here for an individual consultation.

Feedback from 2023 participants includes:

“This was a fantastic presentation that covered a wide range of topics within CV essentials - I learnt a lot."

“The instructor was personable, took care to give an in-depth answer to each of our questions and gave good examples for various disciplines.”

May be eligible for CDS.

At least 75% attendance is required in order to be marked present.


About Career planning


Book an appointment with the Graduate School's HDR Careers Advisor

Many research students intend to follow an academic career path on completion of their degree. But what does an academic career really look like? And, if you knew what to expect, would you still wish to pursue that path?

Researchers work in all facets of government, industry, NGOs and universities. Understanding the diverse range of career options available will allow you to reflect on the 'fit' between academia and your own strengths and interests. 

It is important to start considering your options and plan for your post-HDR career during your studies so you are well prepared to transition to the workplace as a PhD or MPhil qualified individual. The Graduate School supports you in this process through the Career Development Framework (CDF) as well as with a dedicated HDR Careers Advisor who specialises in advising HDR candidates. The Careers Advisor is available for appointments to discuss career options, CV development, interview techniques and other career-related topics. These appointments are designed to complement the existing suite of career-related workshops which are already offered as part of the CDF.

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