Wanida Phetsang
Wanida Phetsang

Wanida Phetsang, PhD student, Institute for Molecular Bioscience

In 2014, Wanida received a 12 month 3M scholarship which included a 3 month internship program at 3M Thailand.

“The placement at 3M Thailand was a wonderful experience because I learned new things, met lovely colleagues and got experience working in industry.

“I have a better picture of what corporate culture is like, which will help me to make a decision about what career path I will pursue after I finish my PhD.

“Should I join the corporate sector or academia?

“This experience will be an influential factor for me to make that decision.

“At 3M Thailand I was working on the development of a product to support their healthcare business.

“Apart from this project, I was also able to collaborate with and support my colleagues on another project by utilising my knowledge of chemistry and biology.

“I learned the value of collaboration and working in a team.

“It was a great experience at 3M Thailand because I could see the processes for how they develop each product and that helped me realise that I could do research for commercialisation, not just for publication.

“The placement really improved my career prospects because I developed connections with people in the industry and now have a better idea of how the industry works.

“When I finish my PhD studies it will now be easier to get into the industry and it has increased my chances for getting a job with 3M because they know who I am and they know how I work with them.

“As a PhD student I think placements are valuable because they enhance your experience and you may get something more than what you expected.

“Sometimes it seems very competitive to get a scholarship, but it is worth trying because this is one way to improve your chances of getting into industry and you can apply your knowledge and research skills to a new environment.

“Before this placement at 3M Thailand, I thought that I could only have an academic career.

“The placement at 3M showed me that I can work as a researcher either in industry or academia.

“Since I am very keen to work in a lab, I will look for a job in the Research and Development department if I decide to get a job in industry."