Zoran Boskovic
Zoran Boskovic

Zoran Boskovic, ​PhD graduate, Queensland Brain Institute (QBI)

In April, UQ partnered with the Queensland Government to provide a PhD work experience pilot program.

Zoran Boskovic was one of the students selected to participate in this exciting opportunity where he was placed in a team tasked with finding innovative solutions to challenges faced by a group of Queensland businesses.

"I was involved in a project at the Department of Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts (DSITIA) where I was in charge of delivering an innovation clinic that aimed to provide inventive solutions for dairy exports in North Queensland.

"The PhD Employment Experience Program was an exciting opportunity for me to challenge myself and test the skills I acquired during my PhD.

"With an increasingly competitive job climate, the work-readiness of research students like me is critically important.

"This experience helped me to broaden my communication skills in an industry setting.

"Being exposed to different audiences has helped me to develop my ability to communicate ideas and solutions in different formats. This is crucial to a research professional.”