All students at UQ fall under the Student Travel Procedure. This procedure outlines your responsibilities when travelling, information on insurance, and approvals required. You can find the latest updates around travel advice at UQ on the UQ travel updates page.   

If you are travelling for your HDR program you are not travelling as a staff member, so the UQ 6 steps to travel does not strictly apply to you but is a wonderful resource and guide to help you to prepare for travel.

We recommend you open the 6 steps to travel and read them in tandem with the HDR Considerations outlined below.

Planning your Travel

Pay attention to everything in this section.

HDR considerations: Be aware that the staff insurance policy does NOT apply to HDR candidates. Students have very limited coverage for personal travel and should refer to the Student Insurance policy for their level of cover. (outlined in the student travel procedure)

Approval for travel

HDR considerations: HDR students are required to obtain endorsement for research related travel from their Head of School prior to undertaking travel (outlined in the student travel procedure)

If your school/institute does not have a clear process for approving travel we recommend completing the Travel Declaration and Business Case (international) on the staff site and send them through to the Head of School for approval.

Please note, as you are not a staff member, these should not then be forwarded on to Travel unless you are travelling to a High Risk Destination.  The Head of School’s approval is the end of the process. Also be aware that when using these forms the Dual Purpose Travel procedure does not apply to students

Register as a remote (away from campus) candidate

If you intend to be away from campus for at least a whole research quarter (most commonly in cases of field work/research activities) you should also ensure you register as remote for your period of travel by submitting a request for approval in advance. This reduces your Student Services Ammenities fees and ensures we can provide you with targeted information for remote candidates. 

Booking Travel

HDR considerations:  HDR candidates can choose to book travel via any travel provider (unless your funder stipulates otherwise). 

Paying for Travel

HDR considerations:  The paying for travel section will only apply if your school/institute is holding the funds for your travel, not if they have paid those funds to you directly as a grant.

While Travelling

Pay attention to everything in this section.

HDR Considerations: Prior to departure, you must give your Advisor details of how they can contact you while travelling.

If you have any itinerary changes whilst travelling, and are not using FCM Travel, then please ensure you advise your advisor of any updates as well as update your itinerary in International SOS MyTrips portal.

Returning from Travel

This section may not apply to you depending on the nature of your funding. Check with your funding provider.

QUEX Joint PhD

Students currently enrolled in the QUEX Joint PhD Program can find information relating to the travel component of their scholarship at the link below.

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