Discuss participation with your principal advisor

When applying to participate in an HDR Placement, formal endorsement from your principal advisor is a requirement; you can request this through my.UQ dashboard.

Make sure your advisor understands that the purpose of an HDR placement is to develop transferable skills, and therefore may not be directly related to your thesis topic. You should discuss how you will comfortably manage the workload of a Placement alongside your candidature. In some cases, your principal advisor may be able to make some introductions to organisations on your behalf.

Consider these important factors

  • Attend a Placement Information Session before you start to seek a Placement opportunity.
  • Placement commencement cannot be approved until a specific legal document (UQ Placement Agreement) has been fully executed between the Graduate School and the Host Organisation. The Graduate School will need to facilitate the Placement Agreement process and will advise you when that has been done.
  • We recommend allowing no fewer than two months for the approvals process.
  • You will be required to submit a reflective report on completion of your Placement. 
  • Participation will be assessed against the HDR Graduate Attributes and the final outcome will be included on your academic transcript.
  • You must demonstrate your suitability for a Placement. Participation is not guaranteed, and offers may be subject to
    • school approval
    • advisor endorsement
    • your progress and conduct
    • the quality of your application
    • your suitability for the role
    • appropriate project scope
    • a successful interview with the host organisation
    • participation in CDF Career planning sessions.
    • Placement commencement date - Must be within a week of submission date if placement is being undertaken post submission and must be fully approved prior to your thesis submission. 
  • The HDR Placement program is open to approved HDR candidates from any discipline. Non-cognate Placements are encouraged so that you can demonstrate the transferable skills you have gained through your research degree.
  • Unless otherwise stated, any advertised Placements are open to International and Domestic students enrolled in a PhD or MPhil program.
  • In some circumstances advertised Placements may be restricted to particular student groups. Any restrictions will be shown on the Placement advertisement.