World Health Organisation (WHO) Internships are managed by direct application to WHO, but if you are a successful applicant you may be able to request for this to be an approved CDF activity through the Graduate School placement program. Talk to the Graduate School how this would apply under usual eligibility conditions. Most students are placed in health-related programs, although other disciplines can be considered.

The objectives of the WHO Internship program are to

  • provide a framework for assigning postgraduate students from diverse academic backgrounds to WHO programmes that can enhance their educational experience through practical assignments,
  • xxpose postgraduate students to the work of WHO, and
  • provide WHO programmes with input from postgraduate students specializing in various fields. Most students are placed in health-related programmes, although other disciplines can be considered as appropriate.

A wide range of options are available across WHO's regional offices. Some will specify specific projects, while others will request you notify them of your areas of interst.  Pay careful attention to the details listed on the respective WHO office's internships page. These are listed below.