SLATx: Improving Writing through Corpora looks at the use of 'big data' to help students with their academic writing, as well as provides digital literacy in corpus consultation for teachers and researchers. This course trains users in the use of language corpora, or multi-million word collections of academic writing from the British Academic Written English corpus.

We focus on how corpora will replace your dictionary or translation website, and provide full training in how to extract, understand and use corpus output data. The course explores how to solve vocabulary and grammatical errors with corpora, as well as explore disciplinary uses of academic language (e.g. comparing language features across the Sciences and the Arts), so that you can be sure the words and phrases you are using are correct for your discipline. This is a great opportunity to learn how to use a new approach to developing your academic writing capability.    

This 8 hour (approximately) course will be available from 2019 through the UQ edX / Edge platform.  Completion of all online activities will generate a certificate of completion that can be used by UQ postgraduate students towards their Career Development Framework achievements.

Follow these instructions to register/enrol for the course:

A) Go to this link.

B1) If you already have an edX account and are logged in using that account, click on the 'Enroll Now' button.

B2) If you do not have an edX account, click on the 'Register' button' to create an account.

C) Click on the option that says 'Use my institution/Campus credentials'

D) Select 'University of Queensland' from the list.

E) Use student credentials at single sign on and login.

F) Complete any additional information required to begin the course.

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