At UQ, there are many research tools available at your disposal. Preview the available research software and programming languages and learn the pros and cons of each. Investigate how to use them to effectively analyse, manipulate, and visualise your research data.

Library workshops

The library offers a range of workshops under the headings below including:

R with RStudio  Excel for research data  NVivo Pro

Useful links

  • Library's software training resources
  • Software carpentry: The open-source movement to teach basic lab skills for research computing.
  • REDCap consortium: A secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. UQ is a member of the consortium
  • RStudio cheat sheets
  • Hacky Hour (supported by RCC, QCIF, IMB and wonderful volunteer helpers!): RCC runs consultations every Tuesday at Cafe Nano. Come and ask IT questions such as: getting started with Python and R, stats, machine learning, bio-image, software tools, research data management (RDM), how to access high performance computing, cloud data storage and tools for data cleaning and data visualisation. Bring your project's IT problems or come along as a helper! Very occasionally Hacky Hour may not run; follow us on Twitter (@HackyHourStLuc​) to get the latest announcements. Aside from the usual IT research questions, 
    • First Tuesday of the monthBioinformatics Hacky Hour, ask bioinformatics analysis, software and pipeline questions
    • Last Tuesday of the monthBioLab Hacky Hour, ask about experimental design and technical sample processing questions to get started in the lab

Introduction to SPSS (QCIF) [webinar]

15 September 2021 9:00am5:00pm
This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to the widely-used SPSS statistical analysis package. Participants will learn how to import, manage and transform datasets, and how to summarise and present data. The workshop will also include a basic introduction to statistical testing using SPSS. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND OPENS ON 15 AUG AT NOON.

Longitudinal and mixed model analysis in R (QCIF) [webinar]

13 September 2021 9:00am5:00pm
This interactive online workshop deals with longitudinal data and its analysis. Participants MUST know R and be familiar with the concepts of statistical hypothesis testing and regression analysis. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED WILL OPEN ON 13 AUGUST at NOON.

Exploring and predicting using linear regression in R (QCIF) [webinar]

25 August 2021 9:00am5:00pm
This highly interactive online workshop will provide attendees with a friendly, gentle introduction to the theory behind linear regressions in R. Prior experience with R and the RStudio interface is required, as well as familiarity with the concepts of descriptive statistics and elementary statistical hypothesis testing. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND WILL OPEN ON 25 JULY AT NOON.

Plotting and programming with Python (QCIF) [webinar]

23 August 2021 9:00am26 August 2021 12:30pm
This software carpentry workshop introduces the building blocks of Python. Please do not sign up for the four half-days (morning) interactive workshop unless you are able to attend all four morning sessions in full from 23 to 26 August. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND WILL OPEN ON 19 JULY AT NOON.

R for reproducible scientific analysis (QCIF) [webinar]

2 August 2021 9:00am5 August 2021 12:30pm
An introduction to R for non-programmers using gapminder data (Combines the former workshops Intro to R and Advanced R). Please do not sign up unless you are able to fully attend all four mornings. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND OPENS ON 29 JUNE AT NOON.

Introduction to Unix (QCIF) [webinar]

14 October 2020 9:00am5:00pm
This practical hands-on workshop will help participants to automate processes or use ‘command line’ research software, including using high performance and parallel computing facilities. No previous Unix or command line experience is required. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND WILL OPEN ON 14 SEP AT NOON.

Clinical data capture and management with REDcap (QCIF) [webinar]

18 September 2020 9:00am5:00pm
This workshop provides an introduction to REDCap for the development and management of registries and surveys through hands on exercises. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND WILL OPEN ON 18 AUGUST at NOON.

Data manipulation and visualisation in R (QCIF special) [webinar]

15 September 2020 9:30am16 September 2020 12:30pm
HOT DEAL OF THE WEEK! We've just received notice about this two*half day (morning) workshop which is a once-off special. Join us for this live coding workshop where we write programs that produce results. Attendees must have a good knowledge of the basic concepts and techniques of R and previous experience working in RStudio. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND WILL OPEN ON 7 SEP AT NOON.