This is an ISSR course and places are highly limited as Graduate School is paying the fee. If you are unable to attend, please de-register (or email if you are unable to do so). An unexplained absence could result in all your future ISSR registrations becoming Waitlisted. You may only attend the workshop once. Repeat bookings will be removed and placed on the Waitlist.

This course is intended for HDR students looking for a brief overview of the different components of the research design process such as understanding different research strategies, articulating a researchable problem, making methodological choices, and ethical and data quality considerations. The course is tailored to cover examples and research options from the social and behavioural sciences.

*An overview of research strategies
*Defining the research problem, including the scope, feasibility and significance
*Articulating clear and achievable research aims and research questions
*Identifying the most appropriate data, method and analysis to address the research questions
*Exposure to a range of research design options and examples of how these have been applied in research conducted in social science
*Guidance on how to select the most appropriate research design for your research, including tips and challenges
*Understanding ethical research considerations
*Guidelines for professional conduct as a researcher

About Research design

Your research degree requires the ability to apply "analytical and critical thinking skills to generate new knowledge, investigate problems and develop inventive solutions" (UQ HDR Graduate Attributes, 2017). This starts with determining the design of the research study through understanding and justifying the chosen methodologies and analytical methods. Building these skills during your research degree will equip you with the knowledge to apply them in a wide variety of contexts during your career.

The Graduate School has a range of sessions covering research methodolgy and methods delivered by esteemed providers such as ISSR.

Useful links

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