This developmental workshop session seeks to establish a process for you to build an entrepreneurial research identity, whether you target an academic or industry career. It will help you articulate your motivations as a researcher, the beliefs that underpin your research philosophy and how you seek to conduct quality research across a range of settings. Through guided reflection and engaging with exemplar artefacts, we will explore together the nature of our research identity to encompass various impact goals, develop a personal process for leveraging research opportunities and begin to clarify our unique passion to advance a rewarding and sustainable career trajectory.  

Prior to the workshop, you may like to consider how you will respond to the following questions: 

1. what is your unique value proposition as a researcher?

2. how do you co-create value with other stakeholders in your research process?

3. where do you see the greatest research opportunities for yourself within your career trajectory?

This session is designed for HDR students who may be unsure of how to frame their post-doctoral research identity and philosophy, as academics or practitioners. The workshop is led by Dr Russell Manfield, an engineer, lecturer and entrepreneu-in-residence at the UQ Business School. 

May be eligible for CDS.

About Entrepreneurship

We are now entering a new era where there is demand for commercial returns of publicly funded research: research that is transformational, innovative and solution-focused. It is important for any researcher to understand the possibilities and processes that connect research outcomes to the generation of commercial intellectual property and the varied strategies for turning this commercial IP into new products, processes and services. The Graduate School works actively in the entrepreneurship space with UQ Ventures and UQ's commercialisation arm, Uniquest

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