Learn the most common problems authors face when they go through the publishing cycle. Enriched with case studies and incoporating policies, learn about aspects of publishing ethics including:
•    (co)Authorship – first, last, contributors, corresponding, acknowledgements
•    Disputes – advice on how to handle and avoid
•    Misconduct, plagiarism, fraud

Know your responsibilities and, more importantly, your rights!

Feedback from 2023 participants include:

"As someone who never published by myself, being aware of all the things to know and consider around a publication was very useful"

"This session really encouraged me to document my contribution and make sure to have transparent and proactive communication with the other authors"

Presented by the Library. Previously known as Academic publishing: Play by the rules.

You must attend at least 75% of the session via Zoom otherwise you may be marked absent.

May be eligible for CDS.

About Publishing and authorship

Producing and promoting publications is an essential part of being a researcher and communicating new knowledge generated from your research. Knowing how and where to get published, understanding the publication process and being aware of authorship protocols will be critical to your success in this area. 

Useful links


If English is not your first language, there are many resources to help with professional editing of research papers, reports, book chapters or PhD theses. Many of the major journal websites include links to services. Note that there is a cost to using these services.