HDR Week

Celebrating the contribution our HDRs make to UQ and beyond.

HDR Candidates play an important role within The University of Queensland.  HDR Week is a chance to celebrate our HDR candidates and thank them for their contribution. The week includes networking events, and social activities to recognise the hardwork they put into their HDR journey and the important contribution they make to our university community. In 2022, we will celebrate HDR Week from 21-25 November.

HDR Celebration 2022 - 25 years of the Graduate School

25 November 2022 12:00pm2:00pm
Step out but settle in with friends and enjoy a free food truck lunch, featuring a burger, beverage and dessert!

SoMME HDR Student/Staff Liaison Committee Forum

25 November 2022 10:30am12:00pm
The School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering (SoMME) Student/Staff Liaison Committee is hosting a forum for the School’s HDR community.

HDR Expo at CCR

24 November 2022 12:00pm1:00pm
The Centre for Clinical Research (CCR) will be holding an Expo to highlight the outstanding research conducted by our HDR students. 

APS Pawsgrad Puppy Party

24 November 2022 11:00am2:00pm
Come celebrate HDR Week with some of the furriest dogtoral candidates around in the APS Postgrad Student Lounge.

Visa/PR pathways for international HDR students

24 November 2022 10:00am12:00pm
This event will help international PhD/research students understand the different visa/PR pathways.

Global Student Celebration

23 November 2022 3:00pm5:00pm
Come and celebrate the multicultural community of students working at the PA Hospital campus!

Gatton HDR Student BBQ Burger Lunch

23 November 2022 1:30pm2:15pm
This is the Gatton Day celebration lunch, please join us for this social get together!

Herston Penny University

23 November 2022 1:00pm3:00pm
In 17th Century Oxford the first coffee houses opened up around campus where you'd pay a penny and come in to enjoy your coffee, chat with other scholars and learn about what going on outside your field, and we invite you to do exactly that!

Writing a confirmation document [Gatton]

23 November 2022 12:00pm1:30pm
Discover the purposes and characteristics of a confirmation document. This workshop is also available as a webinar. Please ensure that you are correctly registered in your chosen mode to receive the relevant workshop notifications.

Mater Research HDR BBQ

23 November 2022 12:00pm1:00pm
Lunch time social event for all Mater Research Institute HDR students and advisors.

HDR Placements information session

23 November 2022 12:00pm1:00pm
The HDR Placement program focuses on demonstrating the broader development skills of HDR students – skills which are transferrable, cross-disciplinary, and professional; which will enhance employment opportunities after the degree.

Gatton HDR Student Morning Tea

23 November 2022 11:30am12:00pm
Grab a tea or coffee while you have a chat to other HDR students and staff at the Gatton campus. Grow your HDR network!

Optimising Wellbeing throughout your HDR Journey [Gatton]

23 November 2022 10:00am11:30am
This workshop aims to assist HDR students to manage stress, to open conversations about wellbeing and to access UQ support services and resources.

Annual General Meeting 2022

22 November 2022 6:00pm8:00pm
Join us for the Association of Postgraduate Students Annual General Meeting.

Industry Panel: Humanities, Social Sciences and Business focus

22 November 2022 2:00pm4:00pm
Join us as we hear from a panel of PhD qualified professionals sharing stories of their own career progression and their reflections on the skills and experiences that employers are looking for. This session will be of particular interest to HDR candidates from the broad Humanities and Social Sciences fields.

School of Dentistry HDR Pathfinder Workshop

22 November 2022 2:00pm3:00pm
This workshop intends to bring together the HDR alumni and the current HDR students of UQ Dentistry.

HDR Student Reps Thank-you Lunch

22 November 2022 12:00pm1:00pm
As part of HDR Week, this year, we are inviting our HDR Student Reps along to a lunch as a thank-you for their contribution this year. This will be an invitation-only event.

School of Public Health Lunch Celebration

22 November 2022 11:00am1:00pm
The School of Public Health is pleased to invite you to a relaxed celebratory lunch at UQ Herston Campus to acknowledge and recognise your contribution to the culture and work of the School.

Visual elevator pitch about your research

22 November 2022 11:00am12:00pm
Are you proud of your research project and want to share it with the world? UQ Library can offer a competition for you (with prizes involved) and an international exposure for the winner.


22 November 2022 10:30am12:00pm
The School of Political Science and International Studies will be hosting a morning tea and showcasing the work their HDR cohort are involved in with posters / displays.

Vet Science HDR Check-in

22 November 2022 9:30am12:00pm
The School of Veterinary Science would like to connect with HDR students during HDR Week and bring you all together on the Gatton campus.

SAFS HDR Week Celebration

22 November 2022 9:30am4:30pm
Join us for a program of events and activities designed to assist you at any stage of your journey.

Work in Progress Conference

22 November 2022 8:00am23 November 2022 8:00pm
A conference where HDR students present their work in progress, coinciding with HDR week and the theme is ‘Spiralling into Spring: Resistance, Reinvention and Renewal’.

How to make the best of conferences

21 November 2022 4:00pm5:00pm
This is an open HDR Forum hosted at the School of Education, looking at 'best practices at' / 'how to make the best of' conferences.

Industry Panel: STEM focus

21 November 2022 2:00pm4:00pm
Join us as we hear from a panel of PhD qualified professionals sharing stories of their own career progression and their reflections on the skills and experiences that employers are looking for. This session will be of particular interest to HDR candidates from the broad STEM fields.