As a new researcher (with no or few publications), it is important to understand how you can communicate and promote your research then evidence its impact in both academic and non-academic contexts. Demonstrating engagement and impact can have a significant effect on a researcher’s career with implications for funding, collaborations and, sometimes, promotion.

This workshop will give you a head start by introducing you to the basics of knowledge translation and the tools and strategies associated with it including promotional strategies, traditional metrics, altmetrics such as PlumX and Kudos, social media and traditional media. Not only will you be introduced to these concepts and tools but you will also learn who can help you navigate this area, and where you access other resources or workshops. This will ensure you are well prepared and equipped to make your research visible and engage with both the world of research and the broader community.

About Impact & influence

Your research may have the potential to impact both policy and practice and influence the broader community in a number of ways. Knowing how and where to communicate your research, and understanding how to do so ethically and responsibly, will ensure your research makes an impact. 

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