This highly popular session went on haitus and is now back and repackaged! It now incorporates preparing for the oral examination (vica voce). Key questions to be addressed include:

  • What are examiners looking for when they assess your thesis?
  • What should a 'good' thesis document include?
  • How should you prepare for the oral exam?
  • Tips for blazing through the oral exam

Note that this session WILL NOT cover the administrative processes related to thesis submission and the conduct of the oral examination. Refer to the following links for more details on thesis preparation, submission, and examination, as well as the oral examination respectively.

Feedback from inaugural first session in July 2019

"This was an excellent session and we all benefited from the interactive nature of it. Thank you. I have already shared the slides with my advisory team, and a fellow RHD student who just had his thesis review meeting set -- and I suspect he may not have all this information at his command. Thank you Prof. Reik for this extremely helpful session! "

About Your thesis

Developing your thesis from an initial concept to a finished, quality document takes time and effort. Learn some key skills around concept mapping, confirmation report writing and more. 

Effective candidature management will also help you to complete your thesis, so don't forget to take the time to put some effective strategies in place. 

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