Overwhelmed by information and don't know what to do with it? Want to visualise your data and discover linkages? This interactive workshop introduces strategies for effectively mapping and planning a research project.

Conducting research involves managing a lot of information. This can affect your clarity of thinking and lead to inefficiencies in progressing with your project.  Learn how mind maps and other graphic organisers can be used as tools to help you sort and analyse information so as to effectively handle information overload and improve the clarity and rigour of your thinking and writing.

Be introduced to a range of tools to help you map and visualise your data. Discover connections within your data that will help you to write a coherent thesis 'story'!  This workshop includes hands on practice with some of the tools and approaches that are introduced.

What students say about this session:  

"The presenter did a great job of explaining what makes a good concept map and I found the practical side where we got to do it ourselves very useful.  Thanks!"

"Very comprehensive session.  Mind mapping about a research project is invaluable."

About Your thesis

Developing your thesis from an initial concept to a finished, quality document takes time and effort. Learn some key skills around concept mapping, confirmation report writing and more. 

Effective candidature management will also help you to complete your thesis, so don't forget to take the time to put some effective strategies in place.

The Library runs Creating a structured Thesis (CaST) sessions to help you auto-format your thesis in Word:

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