This workshop is targeted at international students who are new to Australia, but even those who have spent a few months in Australia may find it useful. Use this session to 'translate' Aussie life and bring along your questions about behaviour, language use, and social norms!

By attending this workshop, students will:

•Understand that homesickness, culture shock and a period of adjustment are a normal part of studying abroad.

•Become familiar with common Australian customs and values.

•Have a better understanding of the informal Australian workplace culture; its language, etiquette and behavioural expectations.

•Build confidence in the expectations of the Australian academic environment with respect to styles of learning, communication styles and professional relationships.

•Be introduced to the basic fundamentals regarding self-care and help seeking strategies. 

Presented by Student Services.

About Working with others

The ability to work effectively with others is critical to success in professional and research contexts. Research teams and successful collaborations rely on individuals who have emotional intelligence, communicate effectively and engage positively with others – particularly in leadership roles. 

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