The ability to work effectively with others is critical to success in professional and research contexts. Research teams and successful collaborations rely on individuals who have emotional intelligence, communicate effectively and engage positively with others – particularly in leadership roles. 

Useful links

Using strengths to effectively work in teams [St Lucia] TENTATIVE

24 October 2023 10:00am1:00pm
Learn about your unique strengths and how you can leverage these to work effectively in teams. REGISTRATION CLOSES NOON 16 OCTOBER

A winning mindset: Coaching for performance [St Lucia] TENTATIVE

8 November 2023 10:00am12:30pm
Our mindset is the foundation for success in life and careers. Learn to develop a winning mindset and practice coaching which is an essential workplace skill.

Postgrad life in the Great Southern Land [webinar]

27 March 2023 10:00am11:30am
This workshop explores common challenges for international students, such as the experience of homesickness and culture shock, as well as the differences in the Australian workplace and academic cultures.

Mine, Yours, Ours – Meeting everyone’s needs through assertive communication [webinar]

15 March 2023 11:00am1:00pm
This workshop provides strategies to think and behave more assertively, set healthy professional boundaries and resolve conflict in professional contexts.

Resilient researcher: Understanding yourself and others [webinar]

24 January 2023 12:00pm1:30pm
Your IQ is high. But what about your EQ? The ability to understand ourselves and others is central to career and personal success.