Introducing the prequel to Finish that thesis!TM, the aim of the two-full day Zoom program is to help you establish the foundations necessary to write RIGHT, right now, and ultimately, write that thesis. Led by Learning Advisors, the program covers writing for journal articles and other academic writing outputs.

Aside from covering the academic writing principles through the physical act of writing, the program also focuses on building resilience and perserverance in writing, by introducing discipline to the practice of writing. In short, the program’s aim is to help you develop a writing habit, and there’s no better way of achieving that than just diving straight into your writing.

Target audience

Preference will be given to candidates who are coming up to or just past Mid-Candidature Review.

Workshop objectives

  • Start a writing habit through short writing outputs e.g., papers, journal articles to prepare you for the big one - your thesis!
  • Develop discipline and find motivation to write

Each day begins and ends with a briefing, stopping only for learning breaks and lunch. There will be writing mini lectures followed by  several intensive 1 to 2 hour writing blocks spread out over the morning and afternoon. Learning Advisors will also be on hand at appointed times to offer tips and support.

APPLY NOW! This workshop has limited spaces available (approximately 30) and significant resourcing is invested in providing for our candidates. By submitting an application, you acknowledge that you are utilising a very limited space and agree to attend both days in full. You MUST have sufficient access to internet connectivity both days.

Applications closes on 13 November at 5pm and you will be informed of the outcome by latest 20 November.

Mastering the WRite Stuff (TM) is co-developed by the Graduate School and the Learning Advisors of Student Services. 

About Your thesis

Developing your thesis from an initial concept to a finished, quality document takes time and effort. Learn some key skills around concept mapping, confirmation report writing and more. 

Effective candidature management will also help you to complete your thesis, so don't forget to take the time to put some effective strategies in place.

The Library runs Creating a structured Thesis (CaST) sessions to help you auto-format your thesis in Word:

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