A key factor in achieving career success, both inside and outside academia, is the ability to build relationships with people who can help you and whom you can help in return. A strong network will include people who you can collaborate with and learn from, and people who can encourage and support you. They can introduce you to others, employ you, or even invest in your ideas. This workshop will help you to:

  • Understand the importance of the connections you build across your career
  • Identify the connections already available to you through the roles you hold and groups you belong to
  • Understand the characteristics of networks
  • Learn practical tips to build your connections further
  • Create an action plan to strengthen your network

The session is presented by Trevor-Roberts, a career consultancy firm based in Brisbane and delivering workshops nationally.  

May be eligible for CDS.

About Impact and influence

Your research may have the potential to impact both policy and practice and influence the broader community in a number of ways. Knowing how and where to communicate your research, and understanding how to do so ethically and responsibly, will ensure your research makes an impact. 

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