This workshop is in two parts.   The first  part outlines strategies to use when reading for and writing your lit review. It focuses on critical reading and examines the unique features  and structure of a literature review.

This session will provide answers to the questions:
1.    What is a literature review?
2.    What is its purpose?
3.    What does it involve?
4.    How should it be structured?
5.    What type of language should I use?

The second part of the workshop will provide a brief overview of how to start the process of searching for your literature review and will also briefly discuss the features of systematic reviews as they compare with a literature review.  You will discover the resources which are available to help you with getting started on this literature (or systematic) review process.   

You might also like to bring along your lap top and download this resource in order to fully benefit from the session.


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About Writing skills

The ability to write well is critical to success in your research degree and a ‘top 10’ skill sought by employers. Learning the strategies for good writing will help you write efficiently.  Knowing not only what to write, but how to write it for a particular audience, will help you communicate your research effectively.

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