We are now entering a new era where there is demand for commercial returns of publicly funded research: research that is transformational, innovative and solution-focused. It is important for any researcher to understand the possibilities and processes that connect research outcomes to the generation of commercial intellectual property and the varied strategies for turning this commercial IP into new products, processes and services. UQ works actively in the entrepreneurship space with UQ pre-incubator Idea-hub, start up accellerator ilab, and UQ's commercialisation arm, Uniquest

Useful links

Idea Hub's Startup Adventures

17 October 2019 9:00am
UQ Startup Adventures now open for registration. Keen on undertaking a four week startup experience in San Francisco in January to February 2020? REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED VIA iDEAHUB'S WEBSITE (link in the description) *** Applications close 17 October ****

Lighting the Spark: Entrepreneurial Pathways to leverage your research

16 October 2019 10:00am11:30am
"The act of undertaking a doctorate is a good training ground for the development of enterprise." Learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Idea Hub Spring Unlimited

11 September 2019 5:00pm
A 6-week program by UQ Ventures.

Idea Hub Social Enterprise

3 September 2019 12:00pm
A 6-week program by UQ Ventures.

UQ Weekend of Startups

16 August 2019 9:00am18 August 2019 5:00pm

Intellectual property

20 June 2018 10:00am11:30am
Understand how to protect intellectual property, what are your rights and your responsibilities.

ilab UQ's Germinate 11 $10,000 no-equity summer accelerator

27 October 2017 11:45pm
Applications are open for ilab's 11th Accelerator intake offering $10,000 to up to 10 UQ teams to build their BIG ideas.

ilab UQ's MentorBlaze

12 September 2017 3:30pm7:00pm
Imagine speaking to up 4 mentors and networking with over 30 of Brisbane's leading startup mentors - all in one place - all in one high energy 2-hour session.