As you approach you mid-candidature don't forget to take care if yourself. It is important to take some time away from the lab or library and get some perspective on your studies.  CDF workshops can also help you to see things differently, network with your peers, and learn to understand yourself and others. 

Impactful presentations: Delivering with confidence [St Lucia]

23 January 2023 9:30am1:30pm
This interactive session will enable you to develop your edge when communicating your research, participating in conferences or competitions such as 3MT and more broadly, when presenting your personal value proposition. (formerly known as Advanced Presentation Skills).

Resilient researcher: Understanding yourself and others [webinar]

24 January 2023 12:00pm1:30pm
Your IQ is high. But what about your EQ? The ability to understand ourselves and others is central to career and personal success.

Build your personal brand [St Lucia]

30 January 2023 10:00am12:00pm
This workshop provides pragmatic strategies to define your personal and research brand.

Strategic scholarly publishing principles [webinar]

14 February 2023 1:00pm2:00pm
Learn the principles of publishing your research strategically.

Networking in the digital space [webinar]

22 February 2023 10:00am12:00pm
This session will provide tips and tricks for making contact through digital means.

Planning to publish [webinar]

28 February 2023 10:00am11:30am
Which journals/publishers are best for your research? (previously known as How to Get Published)

Mastering the WRite Stuff™ [online]

30 November 2022 9:00am1 December 2022 4:00pm
Are you coming up to or just past Mid-Candidature Review and getting jitters about having to produce a mammoth 80,000 word thesis all in the not too distant future? Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Join us for a 2-day intensive course and learn how to set yourself on the right path to writing. Applications close on 14 November at 5pm.

Optimising Wellbeing throughout your HDR Journey [Gatton]

23 November 2022 10:00am11:30am
This workshop aims to assist HDR students to manage stress, to open conversations about wellbeing and to access UQ support services and resources.

Three Ss of Resilience [St Lucia]

21 November 2022 12:00pm1:30pm
Learn strategies to improve resilience in order to better manage the stresses and strains of life, both during the candidature and in your future professional life.

Law and Intellectual property [webinar]

18 November 2022 10:00am11:30am
Intellectual Property can be a valuable asset and understanding how to protect it will help you in your research career. This session will touch upon UQ’s IP policies, and the broader Australian and global context.

Version control with Git (QCIF) [webinar]

17 November 2022 9:00am12:30pm
Version control is the lab notebook of the digital world. learn how you can record and trace every change made to a document, be it software code or a thesis. Prior knowledge of UNIX/Linux command line is REQUIRED. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND WILL OPEN ON 17 SEP AT NOON.

RNA Seq analysis using Galaxy (QCIF) [webinar]

15 November 2022 9:00am5:00pm
This practical workshop will introduce the specific skills and applications used in the analysis of RNA-Seq gene expression data. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND WILL OPEN ON 15 SEP AT NOON.

A winning mindset: Coaching for performance [F2F St Lucia]

10 November 2022 10:00am12:30pm
Our mindset is the foundation for success in life and careers. Learn to develop a winning mindset and practice coaching which is an essential workplace skill.

CV Essentials for HDRs [webinar]

9 November 2022 12:00pm2:00pm
Interactive workshop to give you skills to prepare and maintain an outstanding CV. (previously known as Preparing your CV).

Lighting the Spark: Entrepreneurial Pathways to leverage your research (F2F St Lucia)

3 November 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Find out how to generate workable ideas from your research and turn them into business opportunities. Be an idea pioneer! This workshops is available in webinar and F2F modes. Please ensure that you register for the correct mode in order to receive the correct notifications.

Lighting the Spark: Entrepreneurial Pathways to leverage your research [webinar]

3 November 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Find out how to generate workable ideas from your research and turn them into business opportunities. Be an idea pioneer! This workshops is available in webinar and F2F modes. Please ensure that you register for the correct mode in order to receive the correct notifications.

Statistics for comparisons using R (CDF) [webinar]

3 November 2022 9:00am5:00pm
This practical hands-on workshop will help participants to choose and use the appropriate statistical test for their data by introducing key concepts of inferential statistics in R. Prior knowledge of R is required. REGISTRATION CLOSES NOON 1 NOVEMBER.

NEW! Analysing categorical outcomes and logistic regression with R [webinar]

1 November 2022 9:00am12:30pm
The course will cover the principles of logistic regression and includes practical sessions getting hands-on experience of logistic regression in R. You will require prior expertise in R and a basic familiarity with statistical hypothesis testing and regression analysis to attend. REGISTRATION CLOSES NOON 28 OCTOBER

Tutors @ UQ

31 October 2022 11:15am
Discover strategies for working with small groups in a learning context. The program is structured around three face-to-face sessions for a total of five hours of contact time. This program is only run during semesters. Contact your Faculty for more info.

Strategic networking: How to connect for impact [webinar]

28 October 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Understand the strategic value of networking. Identify networking opportunities.

Refining your writing [webinar]

27 October 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Learn to appraise and refine your own writing. (formerly called Writing to meet your readers' expectations as well as Cohesion, Linking, and Flow in your Writing). Consider attending Structuring Your Writing before attending this workshop.

Open Access for Partnerships: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

26 October 2022 1:00pm2:00pm
This event will showcase a range of research projects that highlight Open Access practice between UQ researchers and their partners.

Using strengths to effectively work in teams [St Lucia]

24 October 2022 10:00am1:00pm
Learn about your unique strengths and how you can leverage these to work effectively in teams. REGISTRATION CLOSES MIDNIGHT 16 OCTOBER

Plotting and programming with Python

24 October 2022 9:00am27 October 2022 12:30pm
This software carpentry workshop introduces the building blocks of Python. Please do not sign up for the four half-days (morning) interactive workshop unless you are able to attend all four morning sessions in full. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND OPENS ON 24 AUGUST AT NOON.

Long-read assembly using Galaxy (QCIF) [webinar]

20 October 2022 9:00am5:00pm
Explore how long and short read data can be combined to produce a high-quality ‘finished’ bacterial genome sequence. Termed ‘hybrid assembly’, we will use read data produced from two different sequencing platforms, Illumina (short read) and Oxford Nanopore Technologies (long read), to carry out de novo genome assembly. REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON 20 AUGUST 2022, NOON.

Career strategy (General) [webinar]

19 October 2022 10:00am12:00pm
Discover post-HDR career options and consider which is best for you.

Introduction to HPC (QCIF) [webinar]

19 October 2022 9:00am12:30pm
This interactive workshop will introduce you to HPC. You *must* have access to an HPC cluster to attend the course; basic experience with Unix or Linux is highly recommended. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AND OPENS ON 19 AUGUST AT 12PM.

Presenting your research [Herston]

18 October 2022 10:00am11:30am
This session provides an introduction to the secrets of great research presentations. Learn how to craft a message that targets your audience. This workshop is also concurrently offered as a webinar. Please ensure that you are signed up for the correct mode in order to receive the correct notifications. (Formerly known as Introduction to Presentation Skills as well as Planning and Presenting Persuasive Research).

Mindmapping research: Coping with info overload [St Lucia]

14 October 2022 10:00am1:00pm
Learn how to manage your research and cope with information overload. [Formerly called Organising your research with concept maps and graphic organisers]

Qualitative Research Evening with David Silverman: Interview society [webinar]

10 October 2022 6:30pm8:00pm
How was it for you? Professor David Silverman discusses the Interview Society and the irresistible rise of the (poorly analyzed) interview in this special evening presentation.

Longitudinal and mixed model analysis using R [webinar]

6 October 2022 9:00am5:00pm
This interactive online workshop deals with longitudinal data and its analysis. Participants MUST know R and be familiar with the concepts of statistical hypothesis testing and regression analysis. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED WILL OPEN ON 6 Augustat NOON.