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Research integrity (online, compulsory)

1 January 2017 6:00am31 December 2019 6:00am
Explore the fundamentals of research design, data management, authorship and more.

Career control for researchers (online)

1 January 2019 8:30am25 August 2019 11:45pm
Successfully taking charge of your career can help you achieve your long-term goals. Apply by 25 August, 2019.

Creating a structured thesis (CaST)

1 January 2019 9:30am31 December 2019 12:30pm
One of our most popular sessions - a practical guide to designing complex documents, in particular your thesis. Click the register link to see upcoming sessions across all UQ campuses.

Smart, savvy and scholarly: Knowing where NOT to publish

26 February 2019 11:00am1:00pm
Learn how to publish your research in the right place for the most impact.

Communicating in a global environment

27 February 2019 9:30am12:00pm
Build your skills in communicating across a range of cultures and contexts.

Career strategy

27 February 2019 1:30pm3:30pm
Discover post-HDR career options and consider which is best for you.

Graduate Teaching Associate Program (GTA) (5 months)

4 March 2019 9:00am
The program provides participants with the knowledge and practical skills to build a successful teaching career in higher education. Read more on the GTA website or use the Register button to complete an Expression of Interest.

How to navigate an academic career

13 March 2019 10:00am12:00pm
Explore specific ideas, tools and techniques to navigate an academic career.

Making the most of the advisor/student relationship

19 March 2019 10:00am11:30am
Learn how to develop a close working relationship with your advisors.

Advanced Presentation Skills - ST LUCIA

20 March 2019 9:00am1:00pm
This interactive session will further develop your presentation skills for impact.


Communicating your research in the media

19 February 2019 9:30am12:30pm
Learn to present your research effectively through the media.

Shut Up & Write day

18 February 2019 10:00am3:00pm
Make progress in your writing, learn discipline to write, meet other HDRs during the breaks!

RQ 1 HDR orientation

12 February 2019 1:30pm4:00pm
Orientation is compulsory for all commencing HDR candidates, both domestic and international.   

New international HDR students: Compulsory information session

12 February 2019 10:30am11:30am
Get valuable information to support you as a new international HDR student.

Writing a literature review - TRI/PACE

10 January 2019 10:00am12:00pm
This session is full. We will be offering it again soon, so please be sure to check the HDR newsletter each month for details. Learn practical strategies that will help you tackle your literature review.

Academic writing course (8 weeks)

1 January 2019 8:00am10 February 2019 4:30pm
Apply by 10 Feb 2019. Get more details and the application form at the link above.

Getting Research Into Policy and Practice

3 December 2018 9:00am4 December 2018 2:00pm
A two day workshop on the research-policy nexus presented by researchers and policy makers. Workshops conclude with a networking lunch.

Strategic scholarly publishing program - Medicine

26 November 2018 1:00pm30 November 2018 2:30pm
Come along to a series of five discipline-specific workshops, one a day for five days.

Applying for academic positions

26 November 2018 10:30am12:30pm
This workshop is for HDR candidates who would like to find out more about applying for academic positions within the Australian system.

Working in the 3rd Space: non-academic university careers

15 November 2018 1:30pm3:30pm
Learn what is meant by 'the third space' and how this space might be right for your career.

Cohesion, linking and flow in your writing

14 November 2018 10:00am11:30am
Discover strategies and techniques which will help you improve cohesion in your writing and assist your reader to understand the structure of your argument.

Networking in the digital space

7 November 2018 1:30pm3:30pm
This session will provide tips and tricks for making contact through digital means.

RQ 4 HDR orientation

6 November 2018 1:30pm4:00pm
Orientation is compulsory for all commencing HDR candidates, both domestic and international.

Managing the gap [online webinar]

1 November 2018 12:00pm1:00pm
Manage your time between thesis submission and conferral proactively.

Methods for Social Analysis & Statistics - MFSAS

1 November 2018 9:30am14 December 2018 10:30am
A range of short methods courses conducted by ISSR. Dates vary and costs apply. See links for details.

How to write up qualitative research - Professor David Silverman - Lecture 2

31 October 2018 2:00pm3:00pm
Join Professor David Silverman to examine the writing up of qualitative research.

Qualitative research methods - Professor David Silverman - Lecture 1

31 October 2018 10:00am11:30am
Examine how you can used mixed methods in qualitative research with Professor David Silverman.

Research, Policy and Practice: Connecting for Change

29 October 2018 1:00pm3:00pm
This seminar is designed for research candidates who are interested in the way research can inform policy and how researchers can connect their research with policy and program development.

Lighting the Spark: Entrepreneurial Pathways to leverage your research

23 October 2018 2:00am3:30am
"The act of undertaking a doctorate is a good training ground for the development of enterprise." Learn about what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Open Access Week 2018 - UQ Library

22 October 2018 10:00am26 October 2018 1:00pm
ORCiD, Compliance, Grants, Peer Review, Overleaf, CHORUS & more!

Strategic networking: How to connect for impact

18 October 2018 9:30am11:30am
Understand the strategic value of networking. Identify networking opportunities.

Preparing your curriculum vitae

16 October 2018 1:00pm3:00pm
Interactive workshop to give you skills to prepare and maintain an outstanding CV.

Matching your potential with employment possibilities

16 October 2018 10:00am12:00pm
This workshop will provide you with strategies for finding out what jobs are out there, and how to decide the main characteristics being sought in those jobs.

Organising your research with concept maps and graphic organisers

15 October 2018 2:00pm3:30pm
Interactive workshop which introduces strategies for effectively mapping and planning a research project.

Strategic scholarly publishing program - HaSS

15 October 2018 1:00pm19 October 2018 2:30pm
Come along to a series of five discipline-specific workshops, one a day for five days.


UQ Library

UQ's Library is an excellent source of support and training for HDR candidates.

UQ Library can help you find resources, manage your data, and make your research discoverable. They can also give you advice on publishing, research impact, and metrics.
UQ Library provides software training (EndNote, NVivo, Galaxy, Excel, Adobe Acrobat), UQ Research Data Manager drop in sessions, and the excellent Creating a Structured Thesis (CaST) workshop.

Information sessions

In addition to the Career Development Framework sessions, the Graduate School holds information sessions on a range of topics relevant to UQ HDR candidates.